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Treating the Individual

Children's Eating Disorders Program provides a full spectrum of individualized treatment addressing the psychological, medical and family problems associated with eating disorders in children and adolescents up to age 21. Many adolescents also suffer from other problems such as depression, anxiety and substance abuse. Children's clinicians are trained to recognize and treat these problems as well.

At Children's, we use a team approach to treat the patient. Group therapy and family sessions are facilitated by a psychologist or a mental health practitioner. Dietitians supervise the nutritional components of the program and a recreation therapist will oversee the recreation therapy/exercise education group. Our medical director also serves as the program's psychiatrist and, along with nurses, monitors the patient's medical needs. Additions staff is available to help with group activities and supervision of patients.

Family participation is key to the success of the patient. Members attend sessions on nutrition education, family communication and meal planning, as well as individualized family therapy sessions.

With comprehensive treatment, most patients can relieved of their symptoms and learn to control their eating disorders. With our specialized care, children and adolescents can be empowered to achieve lifelong recovery.