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Medical Surgical Floors

Each Children's Hospital & Medical Center Med/Surg floor incorporates a whimsical design theme throughout the artwork on the walls, nurses stations and carpeting.  Each of the 24 private rooms on each floor contains a sleeper/sofa for parents, a full shower and tub, Internet access and a refrigerator.

Because each floor has its own kitchen, children can be served food when they are hungry, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Meals are usually served within 15 minutes of the request.  In addition, each Med/Surg floor has a playroom stocked with age-appropriate toys and activities, as well as a split waiting area with both a quiet and an active side

4th Floor
Phone: (402) 955-4400

4th Floor Med Surg Skywalk
(402) 955-3499

5th Floor
Phone: (402) 955-4500

6th Floor
(402) 955-4600