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What Parents Need to Know

Same day appointments may be available.

Where is the Sports Medicine Clinic located?
Children’s Specialty Pediatric Center, 4th floor
84th Street and West Dodge Road, Omaha, NE  68114

Do I need a referral from my family physician to come to the clinic?
No, a referral is not required. We do, however, ask that you make an appointment.

What are the top concussion-causing sports?
Children of all ages participating in any sport could risk a concussion. However, the sports where they are most likely to occur – in Dr. Kody Moffatt’s experience – are:
• Football
• Soccer
• Hockey
• Lacrosse
• Baseball/Softball

When do I know it’s time for my child to see a sports medicine specialist?
Parents have great instincts when it comes to injury, their children and when it’s time to see a doctor.

Beyond that, signs that indicate an appointment is warranted:
• Child exhibits signs of a concussion (In severe cases, call 911 or seek immediate care at the Emergency Department).
• Pain/swelling does not improve and/or increases in intensity despite standard treatment measures: rest, ice, compression and elevation
• Pain persists longer than 10-14 days 
• Pain continues despite rest, decreased activity
• Pain resolved with rest but flares back up when activity resumes
• Must take pain meds to train/compete without pain

Why not visit my primary care provider for a sports-related injury?
Primary care providers are great at a lot of things, but they are often less comfortable with musculoskeletal medicine, especially in children. Ours is a specialty clinic to assess and treat pediatric sports-related injuries.