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Tobacco Use/Exposure

Cigarette use and exposure are harmful to a child’s health and development, including increasing the frequency and severity of respiratory illnesses and worsen a child's asthma episodes. Pediatricians play a unique role in reducing cigarette use or second-hand smoke exposure in children. This is a role that the Children’s Physicians pediatricians take seriously. We encourage annual well-check office visits for every child. During these well-check visits, we ask about cigarette use or exposure. For children under age 11, we ask if the child is regularly exposed to cigarette smoke. For children over age 11, we ask if they are exposed and if they smoke themselves.

We’re accomplishing our goal. In 2012, 81 percent of patients who came in for well-check visits were asked about cigarette use or exposure.

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 National Standards 
  Top 10 percent*  

Tobacco Prevention/Cessation Efforts
Percentage of patients who are evaulated for exposure to tobacco smoke.
Patients under age 11 are measured for exposure. Patients over age 11  
are measured for tobacco use and advised to quit.

93 percent

99 percent

78 percent

81 percent

83 percent

*This means that the top 10 percent of facilities measuring this quality standard scored at least an 83 percent.