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CDC (Children's Developmental Clinic)

The Children’s Hospital & Medical Center’s Children’s Developmental Clinic (CDC) provides evaluation and ongoing consultation to patients with a variety of developmental disabilities, including spina bifida, hydrocephalus, cerebral palsy, multiple congenital anomalies, chromosomal abnormalities and developmental delay.

Services include an initial evaluation, ongoing care, and medical case management to coordinate routine medical testing and consultations with appropriate sub-specialists.

Care is provided by a multidisciplinary team of pediatric specialists from the areas of Developmental Pediatrics, Neurosurgery, Neurology, Orthopedics,Urology, Genetics, Metabolic Bone,Pulmonology, Psychology, Dietary,Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy, Nursing and Social Work.

Recommendations for care are provided to the primary physician, school, parents and other care providers. The CDC includes the entire family and the primary care physician in a global approach to caring for children with medically complex conditions. Including the family in the plan of care helps them learn to adjust and respond to complex medical issues.