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Autism Diagnostic Clinic

The Multidisciplinary Diagnostic Autism Clinic provides a multidisciplinary evaluation and diagnosis of children suspected of having an autism spectrum disorder. 

The evaluation includes behavioral assessments, genetics, developmental pediatrics, and also offers a speech evaluation.  

After the clinical process is complete, a diagnosis may be made and further medical testing may be recommended. 

Resources are provided to assist families navigate follow-up care and community services.


Questions we help you answer during the clinic

  • Does my child have autism?
  • What behavioral therapies would be most helpful?
  • Could there by an underlying genetic diagnosis?
  • Are there other medical issues we should be concerned about?
  • While medication is a last resort, could it help my child? 
  • What therapeutic services (speech, physical, occupational) would best help my child and how do I access them?
  • All of this is confusing and overwhelming, what do we do next?

Fax: 402-955-4184

Medical Director:
Lois J. Starr M.D.

Clinical Staff:
Howard Needelman M.D.
Lynne Clure, PhD, BCBA-D, Psychologist
Michaela, RN

Patient Advocate specialized in autism:
Jairren Flodine, LCSW