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Asthma Assessment

Asthma is the most common chronic illness in children. When left untreated, it can disrupt a child's everyday activities by causing difficulty breathing and other severe complications. That's why Children's Physicians started an initiative to encourage families to schedule annual asthma assessments for children. These annual assessments include monitoring the frequency of asthma attacks, as well as making sure patients have a documented written asthma management plan for home and school (if applicable).

The asthma assessments are vital. During these visits, pediatricians can assess the severity of asthma, monitor the frequency of attacks and gauge how well its being controlled. Adjustments can be made to a child's management plan, if necessary. The goal is to control the asthma so the child does not miss school, sports pratices, games or other special events that are an important part of childhood and adolescence; and is able to participate without restrictions.

The chart below shows our progress. We've made significant improvements in the number of asthma patients who have come in for annual assessments, but we're not at 100 percent. That's because we can't count the families who haven't come in yet or those patients whose asthma is so severe that they see a specialist and have their annual assessments done by that specialist. We will continue to reach out to those who have not scheduled annual assessments for their children and encourage them to make appointments. We look forwarding to seeing these families in our offices and our numbers increasing in 2013.

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Annual Assessment
Percentage of patients with an asthma
diagnosis who have had an asthma
evaluation within the past 12 months.

88 percent

86 percent 

81 percent

80 percent