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Admission/Hospital Information

ambulance Where will my child be?
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) – 2nd Floor
 Charge Nurse 402-955-7902

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) – 4th and 5th Floor Methodist Hospital side (take
 Hospital elevator to 3rd floor and cross the Skywalk)
 4th Floor Charge Nurse 402-955-8074
 5th Floor Charge Nurse 402-955-8075

Emergency Department (ED) – L1
 Charge Nurse 402-955-7970

4th Floor Medical Surgical Unit
 Charge Nurse 402-955-7904

5th Floor Medical Surgical Unit
 Charge Nurse 402-955-7905

6th Floor Medical Surgical Unit
 Charge Nurse 402-955-7906

Where can I stay?
The Carolyn Scott Rainbow House, provides accommodations for families of patients who are undergoing acute, long-term treatment at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center. Any family who lives more than 60 miles away is eligible to use the Rainbow House. Call 402-955-7815 for more information.

Where can I eat?
The Children’s Hospital & Medical Center Cafeteria is open Sunday-Saturday from 6:30am-Midnight and is located on L3
Vending Machines are also located next to the cafeteria on L3